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Sarah Krajewski

Content Specialist & Writer

Hello, Friends! I’m Sarah Krajewski, and I am a K-5 art educator in Cambridge, WI. You may hear my students refer to me as Mrs. K. or as the art room glitter fairy! When we use glitter in the art room, I dress in wings and a tutu as the “Glitter Fairy” and sprinkle glitter onto kids’ glue lines. (This is my sneaky classroom management trick to contain the glitter craziness while also keeping the art room atmosphere fun and welcoming.)

One constant in our art room is our empowering art room mantra that we recite each day. It goes like this: “My mantra – I am positive. I am creative. I am mindful. I am amazing. I am an artist.” Every day, I remind myself that my job is to be here for my students . . . mentally, emotionally, and artistically.

When I am outside of my art room, I love to paint happy abstract creations and create polymer clay jewelry in my studio. I share my adventures with my amazing husband and ridiculous cat, Fuzz Aldrin. I also enjoy running, mural making, and being outside for just about any activity!

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