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View the American Rescue Plan On Demand Webinar

Join Anneliese Pixton, M. Ed. as she reviews the American Rescue Plan and its benefits specific to art education. Anneliese will also discuss allowable uses for funding and provide insight into how to activate funds for your district.


3 NEW Packs: 52 Videos + 30 Resources!

Dive into this month’s PRO Packs and learn how to get the most out of a PLC experience, engage students with drypoint etching, and elevate learning through effective questioning strategies.

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Happy First Birthday FLEX Curriculum!

A lot has happened since last February: We’ve survived a pandemic, we’ve figured out how to teach art online, and thousands of art teachers have relied on FLEX Curriculum to deliver relevant, standards-aligned art instruction, tailored to their unique students.


Stories From Black Artists

In this FLEX Collection, students will explore how several Black artists tell important stories through artwork. They will analyze how artists create meaning through different visual narrative techniques and use those techniques to create their own stories.

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How to Request Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement is an employee benefit offered by many school districts and companies. It is one of the most valuable—and underused—ways to pay for continuing education.
More often than not, schools with tuition reimbursement programs also offer salary advancement. This means your school will foot the bill so you can earn more!

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